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Former United States Assistant Attorney – Federal Prosecutor Washington DC

U.S. Senate counsel, private attorney and author

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Claudette V. Ferron, is a former Assistant United States Attorney — Federal Prosecutor, Washington, D.C., U.S. Senate counsel, private attorney and author. In her  work she draws from her extraordinary professional and personal experiences including  true-life  crimes. 

Writing with photographic detail, suspense and thrilling action, she explores murderous government conspiracies and lies, and family secrets, exposing dark alcoves of the mind and hidden crevices of the heart.

Having written professionally, she now turns her pen to fiction with a startling new work based on true events – murder, cover-ups and far-reaching drug conspiracy in America’s Paradise America’s Paradise.   

Claudette Ferron is a courageous storyteller bent on catapulting her readers into the tantalizing world of crime, corruption and justice for an intimate look at the complex tangles of human relationships.

June Arney,

Journalist and Teacher – Finalist, “The Pulitzer Prize, Investigative Reporting”

Sunburnt – Death of America’s Paradise

SunburntDeath of America’s Paradise is a novel based on true events in America’s Paradise, the U.S.Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island), reportedly, the most popular cruise ship port in the world and America’s premier Caribbean vacation destination.

Before the reign of Mexican drug lords and their drug trafficking operations, how did South American cartel cocaine get here, and where were the endless murders and corruption? SUNBURNT – Death of America’s Paradise©, answers these questions and more. It is based on the sensational cartel – connected murder of Virgin Islands’ Police Officer Stephen Hodge, and the experience of a former Federal Prosecutor from Washington, D.C., who unwittingly becomes entangled in the crimes, cover-up, government corruption and false convictions associated with it. It’s a shocking story where an envied dream of living an idyllic life in paradise becomes a nightmare and “American’s Paradise” is exposed as a hidden hell.

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