Claudette V. Ferron is a lawyer and writer. She started advocating and storytelling – as soon as she could talk, and writing as soon as she could hold a crayon – you might say these were her birth defects!


Early Life

Born in London England, Claudette V. Ferron, has a diverse and multi-cultural personal background that spans continents and oceans. Born to immigrant parents she quickly learned the benefits of writing as way of expressing her thoughts and feelings as her family moved from place to place. But her innate fighting spirit gave her a voice and willingness to speak for herself and others, as she encountered the unfairness of life growing up a child of color, and often the new kid on the block.

Claudette Ferron writes with authenticity and a passion for justice, probing fearlessly

into the darkest corners of the human soul.

N. Strickland Hawkins, Author

Career and Work

Educated in London, England, Toronto Canada, and Washington, D.C., after graduating from law school she worked as corporate counsel for Fortune 500″ companies, then as Subcommittee Counsel in the United States Senate. After working in the U.S. Senate she pursued a career as a Federal Prosecutor – Assistant United States Attorney – in Washington, D.C. She also worked in excellent law firms, including in her own small firm. As a lawyer she has handled significant and unusual cases, both criminal and civil, which showcased the depth of human depravity, injustice, triumph, enduring love and heroism. While practicing law she also was a speech-writer for recognized political figures. Her professional life has been a great source of amazing material, exciting drama, and even humorous escapades. She is published professionally and has authored fiction and non-fiction works, short stories, other prose and poetry, and she is also an accomplished public speaker.


She is a classically trained mezzo-soprano. She loves animals, and was in loco parentis for two very large, but very laid back Bullmastiff brothers. Currently, when not writing or practicing law she is “Personal and Executive Assistant” to one shelter-rescued cat, and one Miniature/Dwarf kitten. She loves to travel, and has explored countries in Western Europe, the Mediterranean, North and South America and the Caribbean as a “fearless (or foolhardy) traveler.” She has restored hurricane damaged homes without having to actually sue any contractors, yet! And she has lived “Under the  Tuscan (Caribbean) Sun,” and has returned from Tuscany to tell riveting stories.