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A multi-talented writer, Claudette V. Ferron has a several other forthcoming books, short stories and poems. Her story-lines are taken from her extraordinary life experiences and set some of the most exciting cities and locations in the world. 

An imaginative writer, possessing a convincing and dynamic voice. Also a top-tier lawyer and experienced litigator having handled major criminal and complex civil cases, which showcase the depth of human depravity, injustice, triumph, enduring love and heroism. She has navigated the labyrinth of corporate America and witnessed corporate intrigue at its worst. She is also an accomplished speech-writer for well-known political figures and political candidates with substantial public-speaking experience.


By Claudette V. Ferron


We face global apocalyptic chaos — terrorism, wars, epidemics, worldwide food and clean water shortages, global warming, economic crises, religious conflict and social disintegration. The world is running headlong into oblivion! Is there a solution to mankind’s impending self-destruction — something or someone that will reverse our sprint to annihilation, unify the nations and bring peace and prosperity to all people? The modern remnants of Rosicrucians (The Rose Cross), an ancient religious, scientific, and mystic Order, have the answer, or so they think! Linked to such groups as Freemasons, Knights Templar, and the Swiss Guard, the Order, whose ranks included the likes of Thomas Aquinas, Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Wren, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Sir Isaac Newton, also infiltrated the oldest gastronomic society in the world, La Chaine des Rotisseurs, shortly after it was first established in 1248, in Paris. The membership of La Chaine, originally “roasters” and cooks who traveled throughout Europe showcasing their culinary talents in the palaces of royalty, is currently comprised of influential and mostly wealthy, captains of industry, professionals, ex-military states men and women, restauranteurs and accomplished chefs, who champion the gourmet realm of food and wine across the globe today. With significant international social, political and financial access, unbeknownst to its membership, La Chaine has been used as a vehicle to achieve the secret objectives of Rosicrucians around the world for almost 800 years. And now La Chaine will be crucial to the success of the Order’s plan to save the world from “foolish, corrupt and violent men,” according to their current leader and the mastermind Dr. Christian Franz, a world-renowned geneticist.

In the course of human history, on rare occasion, a great world leader has emerged who leads whole continents into a Renaissance, an era of growth and abundance, of harmony and hopefulness. Dr. Franz’s plan is simple. With no great world leader on the horizon, the Order will create one through genetic engineering using the DNA of icons of civilization and the Order’s “secret” knowledge. Employing their field operatives, – Rose Guards – several of whom are respected members of La Chaine des Rotisseurs, the Order goes to murderous lengths to steal the bones of the greatest leaders of the world, including Alexander the Great, Caesar Augustus, St. Peter, Shaka Zulu and Queen Victoria, and kidnap the perfect “Virgin Host” to gestate the genetically engineered infant leader. But to achieve their goal Dr. Franz and his Rose Guards must take on the world’s most elite personnel protection force, GP2 –The Global Personnel Protection Service, and its most effective Operations Manager Judith Mazlon and top field agent, Ben Lyons. GP2 is tasked with protecting the world’s most gifted scientists, engineers, doctors, academics and others who have dedicated their talents to the International Anti-terrorism Alliance and world peace. Facing the kidnapping of Demetria Mecklen, the beloved only child of one of the Alliance’s most valued assets, Dr. Nicholas Mecklen, and a trail of seemingly unconnected murders, Mazlon and Lyons rally the resources of GP2 to rescue Demetria before the Order achieves its objective. From the bizarre kidnapping to a trail of apparently random murders and sensational thefts from world famous burial sites, readers are catapulted around legendary international locations with GP2 forces and Agent Lyons as Dr. Franz and his Rose Guards sprint to complete their mission, leaving horror and chaos in their wake. Will Mazlon and Lyons unravel the maniacal plan and rescue Demetria before the birth of the Dr. Franz’s creation and a genetically engineered leader controlled by the Order mysteriously appears on the world stage?©

Other Forthcoming Novels by Claudette

Dark Baby

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” but seen through colored glases. — Guilt, resentment, hatred, envy, deception and murder all lying in a cradle.

Guilty Mind

“Getting away with murder,” over and over can be sweet until you’re doomed to the pergatory created for your victims. Based on true life murder in the the nation’s captial.

Cabinetmakers Children

“Love ’em and leave ’em.” Love, lust and lies — a trail of abandoned lovers, . . . forgotten children fighting hidden enemies, and unexpected revenge!

I Hate Dating and Other Romantic Disasters

A collection of short stories and too long dates.  Before “e-dating” there were “blind-dates,” and now you only have to be blind. . . . deaf, dumb and gullible.

Other  Titles : “Turtle Child,”  “From  Dying to  Age  Defying,” “Cleft of the Rock,” and “God’s Own Heart.”

In  addition to prose, Claudette  has authored a  collection of  poems and  speeches and is available for  readings and inspirational speaking  engagements.  CLICK HERE  for  further information.