REVEALED – Eyes in the Darkness©

The sequel to SUNBURNT

(Based in part of true events)

By Claudette V. Ferron


Behind the crumbling façade of “America’s Paradise,” – the U.S. Virgin Islands, the U.S. government appears to sanction murder, pervert justice and sponsor South American cartel-connected drug-smuggling by killer cops, while channelling nearly $1 Billion a year into the pockets of corrupt politicians, seemingly oblivious to the danger to the U.S. citizens living there. The question is why? The answer lies in notebooks that already have cost their author his life, while the life of another innocent man hangs in the balance. These notebooks are now in the hands of the heroine, former Federal Prosecutor Victoria Mignon, who has fled the islands back to the perceived safety of Washington D.C., to search out the truth. Her quest uncovers the real, but covert purpose of paradise turned purgatory – a top secret, national security strategic surveillance installation; and she incurs the wrath of a rogue National Security Administration (NSA) Commander, leading to further peril, as friends become foes ordered to silence her. From her heart-pounding escape from the “lion’s den” on the National Mall, eluding NSA operatives hunting her and the notebooks, to her daring clandestine visit to the islands, the reader races with Victoria to reach the only person powerful enough to protect her, while deciphering clues to find the answer before she is silenced and dark national secrets are lost forever.

Who is the NSA really protecting, the nation or itself? ©