SUNBURNT – Death of America’s Paradise


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Sunburnt – Death of America’s Paradise

(Based on a true story including the murder of Virgin Islands Police Officer Stephen Hodge)

In “America’s Paradise” for tourists, like anywhere else, what you don’t know can hurt you. But for those who live there, what you do know can be positively deadly!

And for Clayton Dobbs, a naive young cop determined to know everything and expose everyone, the outcome would be brutally fatal! However, for Victoria Mignon, the reluctant lawyer forced to discover everything he knew and more, her life and the life of her client will depend on her quick wit and split-second timing.

Crime scene

Actual crime scene photo

Island Exposed! Paradise Unveiled! . . . Intrigue, Allure, Danger, Mystery. . . . A compelling read . . . One can almost feel the heat of the Caribbean!

Nigel Jamieson,Esq

SUNBURNT is a riveting true-life tale of the drug-infested underbelly of “America’s Paradise” – the U.S. Virgin Islands, where rampant crime and corruption pierce the veneer of tranquility. 

June Arney

Journalist and Teacher – Finalist, “The Pulitzer Prize, Investigative Reporting

SUNBURNT – Death of America’s Paradise©


Before the reign of Mexican drug lords, South American cartel drug- trafficking raged through the U.S. Virgin Islands, unseen by most. Fleeing death threats and devastating personal trauma, and seduced by the islands’ idyllic façade, Federal Prosecutor Victoria Mignon begins life anew in “America’s Paradise” — only to discover she’s been manipulated into working for the very criminals she spent her career putting away. And when a crusading cop is murdered trying to expose a ruthless, cartel sponsored, drug-smuggling ring of corrupt fellow officers and government officials, an innocent young man is falsely convicted, and Victoria is conscripted by a federal judge to handle his appeal. As she is drawn into a world of dark lies and depravity, the novel exposes chilling details of the murder, cover-up and “circus” trial that follow. From the first glimpse of a cartel drug plane on a collision course with a cruise ship full of partying passengers, to the terrifying assault by a menacing black sedan and relentless stalking by a sinister assassin, readers shadow Victoria as she unmasks killer cops, risking everything to free her client. While the author unveils the illusion of “paradise” concealing purgatory, Victoria runs for her life, hunted by deadly foes, and attempts a harrowing jet-way escape. Through the heroine’s eyes, readers glimpse the decay that lurks beneath the thin veneer of a global murder capital masquerading as a world-famous tropical playground. Will corrupt cops and government officials get away with murder and kill again, or will the heroine save her innocent client and herself before they are silenced, and escape with the keys to the truth?

If you think you know “America’s Paradise,” think again! ©