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Virgin Islands says deadly pesticide was used elsewhere :


The U.S. Virgin Islands are touted as “America’s Paradise,” but in reality they are a startling, dangerous, crime-ridden American secret. The Virgin Islands are essentially “U.S. Islands running amuck – murder, mayhem, massive public corruption, cover-ups, and 100s of millions of federal dollars disappearing into a tropical black hole in the Caribbean” On occasion, an obscure article may appear in the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal, or there might be a fleeting bulletin on CNN about an innocent tourist being murdered, or massive tax evasion schemes prompting congressional intervention, but the story of the full extent and scale of the crime and corruption that riddles Americas Paradise, startling though it may be, has never been told.



Here are just a few highlights regarding the current state of the U.S. Virgin Islands:

(The information outlined below can be easily verified by checking the website for the local newspaper – The Virgin Islands Daily News.)


Astronomical Murder Rate — the U.S. Virgin Islands has had some of the highest murder rates per capita in the world! Up until 2010, the VI was only occasionally jostled out of first place by a few crime-ridden Third World nations. While newspaper articles and TV documentaries are being written about Mexican cartels and drug running, and crime in other countries, the worst crime rate in the world has  been in our own backyard our Paradise!

Cruise ship giant Carnival Cruise Lines,  was recent sued for failing to disclose the crime dangers of the worlds No. 1. Cruise Destination – the US Virgin Islands, after a 15-year-old passenger celebrating her birthday with her family was shot to death and another passenger was wounded on July 12, 2010, at a popular St. Thomas beach in  a midday, gangland gun-battle. Click here to read more.

Witnesses murdered — witness tampering, including murder of witnesses in critical cases is not an unusual occurrence – just two examples: In 2010 a witness in a police corruption trial was burned alive in his car after testifying on behalf of the prosecution. In early 2011, a man was shot to death in his truck after he was mistaken for a key prosecution witness in a murder trial. Witness intimidation is so rampant that federal officials, by their own admission, have difficulty prosecuting cases.

SA Cartel drug-trafficking trans-shipment point — one the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives was captured (a Virgin Islander “Jimmy the Juice Springette) and testified in 2008 about the massive drug-trafficking operation transporting tons of cocaine for South American Cartels through the Virgin Islands to the mainland United States via the airport, cruise-ships, and other means.

Public corruption – high government and law enforcement official corruption is pervasive and systemic. Tens of millions of federal dollars are being siphoned off by local government officials and politicians on a continuing basis. The police force was so involved with high-level drug-trafficking that whole divisions of the Police Department had to be disbanded. Recently, several officials in the local executive branch, including former Governors staffers, were investigated, indicted and convicted for fraud, tax evasion and embezzlement of millions of dollars. Law enforcement officials are being prosecuted for operating criminal enterprises, including, extortion, kidnapping, assault and drug-dealing. The situation with law enforcement has become so bad with respect to issues of unwarranted and excessive use of force that the U.S. Department of Justice had to intervene, and most residents would admit to being afraid of their own police force.

Prison System to be taken over by Feds because of 25 years of violations of federal orders re: dangerous and unsanitary conditions ( including such things as not having toilet paper, bath soap, toothpaste, shampoo and cutlery to eat with) U.S Atty. Ron Sharpe stated We arrive at this juncture only after spending the last 25 years exhausting every other viable alternative . . . We cannot continue to allow prisoners to live in unsafe, filthy and hazardous conditions without constitutionally required medical and mental health care.

Public Housing Corruption — corruption and mismanagement was so bad that a federal receiver was brought in to manage and oversee public house authority operations.

Mass Transit – Hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funding (DOT) is received for Mass Transit funding, but is not used for designated Mass Transit and disappears unaccounted for.